Artistic Insight: Sam Kirk

REVAMPING+THE+ICKES+SAM+KIRKRevamping the Ickes // Sam Kirk  Love+Warrior_Sam+Kirk_Oil+on+Canvas_4.28.2014.+SMLove Warrior // Sam Kirk 40__ProvokeCulture_SamKirk_print_web40_ProvokeCulture // Sam Kirk

Hello Friends! I’m starting the week with some dope artistic inspiration in the form of a new series, Artistic Insight. The aim of this series is to inspire and encourage dialogue through conscious art with an activist bend. I’m geeked so let’s not wait another minute to delve into this inaugural post!

Today, I am sharing the work of Chicago-based multi-disciplinary artist, Sam Kirk. As you can see, Sam’s work is so rich and vivid. Working with themes that address culture, identity, place, and purpose, Sam’s art is meant to provoke, draw you in, and make you think. I love how she is able to breathe life into her work with bold color, deep lines, and voluptuous form. Check out more of Sam Kirk’s art on her site, Provoke Culture. You can also find her on Instagram. Have a rad Monday! ♡ In Solidarity, Christian


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