Space For Opportunity


I recently made a big career decision to quit my job, and work for myself again. If you are an artist, freelancer, or budding entrepreneur, you know how crazy scary this is! Tomorrow is my last day at the current gig, and it’s been an interesting experience balancing ‘new’ and ‘old’ work. It was a hard choice to make, and even though I feel that I made the right one, there are residual fears that keep coming up. I’m worried about things like making rent, staying organized and on-task, supply costs, having enough for groceries, etc. I am not unique in having these fears. There are folks struggling with much more, and with greater responsibility. I acknowledge the privilege that I have being a student in an esteemed graduate program. I also understand the opportunity in front of me to focus on growing community around my passions.

The most odd, and challenging thing for me is trusting myself. This has always been the mountain I return to, and climb over and over again. I can be shy and introverted, so one of my biggest business fallbacks is self-promoting, self-advertising (eek!). It’s just not my strongest skill. Even having a conversation with people about my new job is daunting. I wonder (and worry, a little) how people will respond to hearing me say I am and artist and student. At the same time, those who know me will just get it, right? I consider that a relief, and a blessing. Small business is about community, and a part of trusting myself is trusting my community, too.

Keeping perspective will be integral to this journey. When I did my SWOT analysis for last quarter, it became really clear how much I need to work on nurturing potential opportunities. Although this road will not be easy, I can rely on my professional and personal reflections to see where there is abundance, and work from that space. Here is a short list of some things I am really grateful for, that I hope will flourish even more over the coming months as I delve into this path.

  1. My connections with people, organizations, and business doing transformative, revolutionary, and justice-oriented work.
  2. Growing my skills and knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Herbology
  3. Living in the Southwest for the first time in my life, and being able to travel throughout this region.
  4. A flexible schedule that I can create, or re-create when necessary.

Any tips on small business and blog success? Send it my way, friends!  ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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