Finals Week Motivation

IMG_4468Are you a student? Is it finals week? If either of those statements are true, you and I are in the same boat. The light, though it may seem like a sliver, is on the horizon. At the same time, there are large and small mountains that must be climbed in order to reach the full spectrum that awaits us. We’re so close!

During this week, I like to carve out a little time to jot down a list of all the activities I look forward to doing on break. As a student, it is important to have a few useful and motivating tricks like this in the back pocket, right!? Making a list like this creates a positive incentive that is self-derived, and centered on personal accountability. Polishing two skills at once? Sign me up! I thought it would be fun to share my most recent list for the upcoming Winter/Spring break. A whole 7 days to decompress, restore, and nourish myself, in the company of loved ones. I’m feeling very thankful for the coming week, and can’t wait to share updates of my progress with you ;)  ♡ In Solidarity, Christian 

While On Break…

  1. Read 1 book for pleasure
  2. Write every morning
  3. Work on new jewelry
  4. Edit photos for portfolio
  5. Organize office
  6. Re-pot plant babies
  7. Spring clean
  8. Weekend adventures with Rich
  9. Family date to ABC or ZBG
  10. Set goals for Spring quarter


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