Emerald, Wood, and Brass Decor Elements

Do you ever see something that reminds you of your childhood? Anytime I see a peacock chair it totally brings back vibes from my Aunt Bev’s house. She had a set of 6 in the dinning room, and I loved them. When I noticed this rad natural peacock chair version, dreams of having one for my home started to grow. The detail on this chair is amazing, right?!

Growing up, I always took cues from my grandmother and father on how to nourish plants. They were both blessed with green thumbs, and always inspired me to develop my skills. Neither one of them needed fancy planters to grow beautiful botanicals year after year. Though I must admit that this gorgeous copper hanging planter got my attention, and made me wonder what those two lovely humans would think about it…  Where I grew up, there were very few plain white walls. Many of us still had wood paneling, old kitchen titles, and original sinks by the time I went to college. I dig the nostalgic feeling this walnut wood sconce invokes, as it takes me back to hours upon hours of sitting, and chatting around the kitchen table con mi familia. My grandparents had this glorious green office chair. Since I was a kid, I pictured having one just like it in my home office. This emerald-green velvet armchair is pretty close to the original one, plus those gold-copper legs are on point, right!?

Funny, I am just now recognizing the green, metallic, and wood theme that this curation generated :) Actually, these elements all remind me of lush green summers in Ohio. A palette I will never get tired of! What color theme reminds you of home? ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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