Deep Sea Street Art 

This morning while driving up north I remembered this mural, and promptly pulled over to make some puctures! Every time I see it I tell myself that one day I will stop and really get a good look, and today was (finally) the day ;) 

First, let’s talk about how epic this work is! I wish I knew who the artist is, because I would want to ask them all kinds of questions about concept, technique, and how many hours it took to complete the piece. The colors truly do pop, which adds to the drama of the mural. 

The piece can be read panel by panel, and in each space a slightly different event is occuring to stell a cohesive story. This story happens to be about a deep sea battle with mutated sea animals on the defense. There are few allilances here, and it looks like it’s every creature for themself. 

The intensity and hauting aesthetic of the mural is really someting to marvel. And the concrete surrouding the grounds makes this one of the most interesting works of art that I’ve sen in a while.  

This is now one of my favorite murals in all of Austin. I’m feeeling inspired and ready to paint something! How about you? ♡ In Soldarity, Christian 


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