Sunday Pearls: Busy + Blessed 

Life has been busy, but blessed. Between school and work, time is of the essence. It’s all good. This pace is keeping me accountable to sustaining an organic flow, and fitting in all the pieces that are essential during the day.  Ya know, like eating and sleeping ;). Moment of truth, I am not one of those people who believes in staying busy. I don’t find my self worth in the amount of things I have going on. That philosphy is not for me. However, I do know that engaging in a variety of activites through the week aids in memory retention, and overall skill development. This is especially true of activies that are enjoyable. I recently read a great article on BrainFit which addresses the healthy benefits of creating art. Now that, my friends, is a philosophy I can dig. How about you? ♡ In Soldarity, Christian 



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