Freestyle Friday: Volume 5

a8166573263d48af38df6d0c05b38a391350705fd89ddf65ccd37c701d451429119a236faba6e438743488c2bd88416b96c72b500eaeaed0f02852731f815a4fFrida Kahlo. Celebrating her is something I do on a regular basis. Not only for her talent, but because she was a survivor. She is an artist that so many of us look to for creative, and life inspiration. Frida is one of those ancestors I seek for guidance, and wisdom. The power of her spirit undeniable! I am so thankful for Fridita, and thought it would be nice to devote Volume 5 of Freestyle Friday to her. Below you will find the image sources, which have some rad old-school photographs of her. I hope you enjoy, friends! ♡ In Solidarity, Christian 


Photo sources: Wolf In The Forest, Earth Age, Frida en Coyoacan, Frida Kahlo Foundation, Louise SanFacon.



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