6 Ideas For Decorating With Driftwood

decorator-1[1]Driftwood has always been a major source of inspiration for me. Growing up in Ohio, where there is plenty of land as far as the eyes can see, my college friends and I would often utilize driftwood for photo shoots. The natural backdrop creates a serene, and organic aesthetic. Plus, driftwood comes from trees, and if you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you know how much I love botanicals!

f32472b5353b24b663b1f78cc45caf00[1]Wood is not just useful for photo shoots, but can be useful in creating large or small functional artworks. When I was in Mali, I would often watch the sculpture artists chip away at a block of ebony wood. After several days of detailed work, I was amazed to see what emerged. It was as if they had liberated the soul of the piece from solid form, animating it into life. 25472572_000_a[1]I am a big fan of art that combines elements, such as this rad mirror made with driftwood. I just can’t get enough of this style of creative reuse!03cbdc8457edfaf05d44fa83183d6a2d[1]Can we talk about this amazing shelf, I mean wow! The multifunctional aspects alone is something to admire. a212600968bf830ff17eafacf8b1f0be[2]Recently, my partner and I decided that our next bed will be a platform frame. If we could find one that has a dope headboard like this, we will have found our dream sleeping arrangement.e8b59cd87955834023277220dd74c4cd[1]The truly great thing about driftwood is that it will make any room, or space sing with its (literal) down-to-earth vibe. In Chinese medicine, wood is associated with spring, and the Liver/Gallbladder. In theory, placing a piece of wood in the home would help strengthen this element within and without.  The next time I come across a piece of driftwood, I’m taking it home! How about you? ♡ Christian

Photo credits: Garden Design, Weave Avenue, Shop Terrain, White Lights and Late Nights, Apartment TherapyKitka.



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