Hai Jin Sha (Spores of Japanese Fern)

japanese-climbing-fernHai Jin ShaI never would have suspected that a botanical could also be used as a firework. Hai Jin Sha, or Japanese Fern Spores, is that herb. Originally from Japan, Eastern Asia, and parts of tropical Australia, this plant packs a medicinal punch. The spores are where the medicinal properties live, which fall off when the plant has fully matured. It is commonly used to treat issues with the bladder and small intestine, helping to regulating painful urination, and abdominal bloating.

Hai JIn Sha also grows in about 10 states through the southwestern United States. However, it is considered to be an invasive species due to its quick and encompassing growth pattern. My best guess it that US department of Agriculture has yet to study its usefulness. Although organizations like the American Botanical Council are working to change that.

I was floored when I found out this red, powdery substance resembling cayenne pepper was used as an ingredient in the preparation of fireworks. In have yet to find any substantial research on that history, but my eyes and ears are open! ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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