Style 003 / Finding What Fits

I have a style confession to make: I will always choose comfort and budget over fancy brands. Whew! I kinda feel relieved after having typed that. As a side note, I recently realized that my closet is full of clothing that no longer “fits” me. Not in terms of size,  but more so aesthetic. In my 30’s I’m feeling the need to let go of the clothing that I loved in my 20’s, but in truth I’m a little on the fence. Clothes hold memory, and history. I have some rad items from my travels that either I bought, or were given to me. I don’t see myself donating that collection, but instead finding fun ways to wear them. Plus it will give me a chance to step out of my current clothing comfort zone, a style I like to call grad student chic. In this quest, I’m not really attempting to make any radical change, just an update and better use of what I already have. To keep myself organized, I created a board on Pintrest titled “Fierce Style” where I’m posting ideas, inspirations, and actual items I’d like to purchase. Any suggestions for  unique/affordable/rad online shops I should check out? ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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