Sunday Pearls: Birth Month

SundayPearls03-01-15March is finally here, and I am channeling all the spring vibes I can muster. This is also my birth month, and we have a full moon coming up on Thursday. Lots to ponder, friends. This feels like a time to be self reflective about all the hopes, dreams, and intentions that were set during the last new moon, yes? I’ve been trying to take some time to do just that, and I hope you are, too! Keep some items close by that are both protective, and raise your energy. I keep this rose quartz, which belonged to my Grandmother, by my night stand. Somedays, I will also wear a rose quartz pearl safety pinned to my bra. I recently found this book about botanical medicine in my school library, and I am immersed! That wallet always reminds me of my time in Okinawa. It was one spur of the moment, solo retreats that I will always treasure. Pen and paper are essentials, and I love this one gifted to me by fly girl, Andrea Pippins. I handmade those earrings you spotted, and yes, you they are available online. ;)

Okay comrades, let’s hustle wisely, and with heart this month! ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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