A Plant-Filled Home

Image via From Moon to Moon

Plants. They truly make our lives better. Large, or small, you can place them anywhere in your home where there is an ample source to light, and they will grow as long as they are loved, and nurtured. We are not so different from our botanical ancestors, and our species share much of the same molecular products, and patterns.  I am constantly looking to plants for understanding about how they help humans heal.

In my field, botanicals (the species to which plants, flowers, herbs, etc. belong) educate me everyday. They are my teachers, and I owe so much to them. We all do. Not only do they aid our bodies, but they also enable our homes to breathe better. I am working toward gathering more plants so that I can fill my humble apartment with them. Basically, I’d like to live in a greenhouse. ;)  I’d also like suggestions on which plant homies do well in bright to moderate lighting, so bring on those comments!

♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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