A Cure for the Tuesday Blues

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 presetFriends, I think I have the Tuesday Blues (hence the dramatic self portrait). Primary symptoms include a strong desire to stay in bed, watch Ted Talks, and drink warm tea. Secondary symptoms include occasional breaks for food and naps. Well, I suppose that could be likened to needing more sleep. I’m sure it might also be weather related. I’m gonna go with both. Either way, I’m feeling all the aforementioned jazz. I think today it’s time to employ what I like to call “Study Break Beats”. It’s what you get when a study break meets a break beat (of the musical variety) Essentially, it boils down to taking a pause for the cause at any given point in my day to listen to something that brings my heart joy.

Although I love my Ted Talks, today calls for something more. I’m feeling the cure will be a revival in the form of a past project of mine. Quick intro: One of my best friends and I used to make mixed taped for each other in college. Eventually we moved on to CD’s, which was sad, but the switch allowed us to keep up the tradition. After 10 years of friendship, and rad tunes, we are still going strong! Quick outro: I ran with this long-standing tradition and made YouTube mixes to share virtually with family and friends, but most of them just stayed in my playlist. I’d like to share one with you, if that’s cool? Let’s start with some poetry. I compiled a few of my favorite, that combine words and visuals beautifully. The dosage amount is 9 videos. Watch 3, three times per day, with our without food. Definitely with tea. ;) ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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