Whole 30: Week 1

Processed with VSCOcam with e1 presetOne week ago I started the Whole30 challenge. You know, the one where you give up delicious sweet treats, grains, legumes, and dairy for 30 days. The idea (in a nutshell) is that by eating whole foods for, at least, a 30-day period, the body will respond in kind, creating wholenss.

Sounds just like a Paleo nutrition plan, yes? Well, from my research, it is exactly that. I can tell you that after not eating any of the aforementioned items I feel much better. Okay, ‘better’ is an understatement. I actually feel healthier. My joints don’t ache, I’m not as bloated, and not as… gassy ;) I also feel that my energy is better sustained throughout the day. I used to get super lethargic in the afternoon, and crazy tired at night. It was bananas (not in a good way). If that were the only thing to change, I would consider this time well spent.

The recent changes in diet have inspired other aspects of life. I think because I’m feeling more nourished overall, I’m motivated to make room for greater health and healing, generally. So, at the end of each week I’m giving myself a few goals to start the following week off strong and focused. My goals for this week are very simple, and manageable, since I have not run into any major setbacks or bumps thus far. For week 2: (1) Stick to olive and coconut oils only. I tried a non-organic ghee we had around the house this week. Next time, I will go with this that brand I love. (2) Add more herbs into the meal plan mix. (3) More yoga and Taiji.

Have you participated, or are you participating in Whole30? Let’s connect! I would love to hear about your experiences. If you are using you blog, or Instagram to track your progress, send me a link. I will be writing weekly updates here on the blog, so check back every Saturday for the highlights! ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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