Style 001 / The Basics

Style 001 / The Basics Back in the day during undergrad, spring break used to look a little different. I would typically make chilling out my top priority. Who knows if it’s just the passing of time, having a clearer vision, or needing to get more done, but this time around it’s a little different. I’m trying new things, friends. And it feels good. This style post is a testament to that. Style 001 / The Basics Writing about personal style is not easy. At least for me ;) I’ve attempted a few in the past, and always walk away thinking I’ll never do one again. I think the trick is finding my flow, and having confidence. Style 001 / The Basics Since I’m usually traveling on foot, my clothes obviously reflect an active life style. I am a big fan of the basics for the comfort, and flexibility. On any given day you will find me in jeans and a t-shirt, rocking sneakers, lots of hand-made jewelry, my book bag, and a snap-back. Don’t get me wrong, I love (sensible) heels, dresses, and handbags, especially the vintage variety. That’s the great thing about style, you can create unique looks to express yourself on a daily basis. Style 001 / The Basics Speaking of newness, Chinese New Year is tomorrow! We are entering the year of Goat/Sheep, which is said to hold lots of creative energy. I know I’ve been feeling it! Have you? ♡ In Solidarity, Christian

Thread details: t-shirt/Target, cardigan/a gift from Mom (brand is Notations), jeans/Old Navy, shoes/Blowfish, necklace/Rosario Rey (a gift procured along El Camino De Santiago in Spain. Yes, my friends are rad!), earrings/a gift from a friend (origin/artisan/brand unknown)



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