Get Wisdom

On Your Path Our days are numbered. That’s how the conversation flowed between my dear mom and I today. She is turning 70 years young on Sunday. What a blessing! I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with her for the past 31 years of my life. It’s true that with age, reflection just kind of happens more frequently, right? And we all like to linger in those “shoulda, coulda, woulda” moments when we wish we made different choices. Can I get and amen!? So, during our convo, she provided me a fabulous piece of advice that I just gotta share with y’all.

Get wisdom. Think about what you’re doing, and how it might affect you, as well as others around you. Make good choices. Also, don’t be so foolish to believe that we can get through this thing called life alone. Believe in something greater than yourself. Wherever your faith lives, go there. That’s where knowledge thrives. That’s what my mother taught me. Also, go toward those who lift your spirit. Don’t reside by those who are negative and bring you down.

My momma is so rad! I hope her words strike a chord with you, dear friends. Have a great Tuesday!  ♡ In Solidarity, Christian




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