4 Ways To Wow Using Botanicals

Fresh TulipsUsing botanicals can really add a lot of personality into a project, whether it be in the home, or in the hands of a loved one. You can decorate with them, wrap them up all lovely to give as a gift, or put some in your hair. You can even use them to dress up a dish with aromatic and visual sensuality. Some botanicals are even safe to consume.

Botanical TeaThere is so much beauty to behold when it comes to botanicals, and since we are in the season for spring, love, and all the jazz, we have the opportunity to utilize these bodacious babes in a variety of ways. I’ve mentioned a few examples above. Now add dried botanicals to that list. Fresh, or sheng, as we say in Chinese herbology, is great for many things. Dried can be even better, depending on the purpose and goal. When a botanical is dried, it has the chance to embrace all its magic, which can then be released by way of infusion into a carrier substance (i.e. water, oil, alcohol, etc.). Why not try creating your own dried botanical tea bags? Lavender, rose hips, chamomile, sage, and rosemary are wonderfully nutritious, delicious, and healing!

Christian FTFIf you have any left-over botanicals, there is always the option of creating with them. A great example of this exercise is Justina Blakeney, and her Face the Foliage project. It is simple, Eco-friendly, and great for all ages. All it takes is a few pieces of foliage, and some creative juice. Anywhere you imagine is a canvas!

Art Print by Christian TottyIf you are not a DIY-type, don’t worry, no judgment here. The upside for you is that you can support diverse makers from all over the world who do love to do it themselves ;) A popular trend that’s been sustained on Pintrest for some time is botanical prints. You can get them in vintage, or modern form; illustrated, or photographed. I, too, have taken my love for botanicals and photography to task (see the above image), and currently sell my work on Society 6. I’m just one example, and there are so many more awesome-ly talented folks out there. Like yourself, perhaps? Which bodacious way do you prefer your botanicals? ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



Credits: Fresh Tulips via Flickr // Botanical Tea via Season with Spice // Wildflower Communion print via Christian Totty // Face the Foliage print via Justina Blakeney






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