The Rad Aquarian

Jason on Blades Hello friends! This week ends Mercury’s retrograde, which started out in Aquarius. I’m feeling all sorts of gratitude right now for a certain Aquarian (and Birthday boy!!) in my life, my cousin Jason. Cue the shout-out tunes, folks. I have to take a moment to celebrate my cuz! First of all his talent, and willingness to try something new has always inspired me. This guy is an artist, musician, and avid blader in his spare time. He used to skate board when we were kids, so you can imagine how his skills translate to in-line skates. Last year I had the opportunity to make a few photos of him skating at a huge open skate park in Austin. He was the only one in the whole park with blades, and he totally grabbed everyone’s attention. All of the younger kids wanted to blade after they saw him. Jason is one of those souls who will quickly remind you how important it is to do what you love, and just be yourself. Thank you, Jason, for reminding me to always try again, and have a rad time in the process ;) ♡ In Solidarity, Christian



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