7 Fly Ideas For Active Couples

This autumn, my partner and I will celebrate 5 years of partnership. It’s wild to think about, but we are both really stoked to welcome all the adventures and abundance that await us in the next 5 years. We are pretty private people, but both agree that it is important to honor our relationships, with each other, as well as our family and friends. Pumping positivity into the your connections with loved ones makes a world of difference. It also preps you for establishing new connections, or letting go of relationships that are no longer healthy. There are myriad ways to cherish the awesome human beings in your life. Today I’m sharing a few activities we enjoy doing together. This list is simple, and includes mostly free, or low-budget ideas that are also family-friendly!

  1. Travel: There is nothing more amazing than getting out into the world, and expanding your consciousness with someone you love. We recently updated our local travel list with a few new places ;)

  2. Science, Art & Cultural Centers: An inexpensive, and enriching activity that is wonderful for all ages. We are especially fond of Art Museums and Planetariums. Yep, we are total geeks!

  3. Botanical Gardens: It is so relaxing to wander through the gardens, getting to know each plant, large and small. Botanicals are so bodacious!

  4. Thrift, Vintage & Flea Market: There is not much we don’t enjoy about browsing through ‘old’ stuff, and finding new ways to use it.

  5. Movies: A perfect date night, or weekend-in activity. Pop your own corn, or make your own sweet and savory treats, and you’re golden. Our latest favorite film is The Equalizer, with Denzel Washington. It flows like a comic book, which made me swoon.

  6. Cooking: We’ve been getting a lot better at cooking together, and we have so much fun doing it! My partner is really good at making eggs, chicken, pancakes, and waffles. I’m not too shabby at making soups, and vegetable dishes.

  7. Create New Traditions: I’m not sure why, but we don’t eat outside often. We have a great balcony space, which we plan to utilize more this year. We are both looking forward to having more brunches outside at Zilker Park this spring and summer, too!

I hope this list inspires you. Happy weekend, friends!

In Solidarity, Christian





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