Turtle Power

AOMA Turtle Vintage Turtle Illustration Inspiration can com from many sources, and I’m so thankful to be in a field that honors creativity and art, as much as science and medicine. These days, most of my creative energy is going toward styling and organizing our new place. I use Pintrest to keep all of my ideas in one location. Recently, I have seen a ton of items featuring elegant, chic, and cute animals, especially as plant vessels and art prints. Now I’m not one for trends, but I have to admit I love the research part! I geek all the way out on differentiating between eras and designers. It’s fun!

The other day, I spotted some rad styling of the brass turtle, and painted wall at my school (of all places), so I decided to do a little digging for more. The illustration resonated with me the most. I would love to have both of these items in my home. Plus turtles have a powerful meaning in my culture, so it’s a win, win! Feel free to check out my Home Flow board on Pintrest for all my current home decor interests. Do tell if you have any decor faves, and what you think I should research next!

In Solidarity,


Images Sources:

  1. AOMA Turtles // Photography by Christian Totty

  2. Vintage Turtle Illustration via Biodiversity Heritage Library 



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