New Challenges for Project 365

CDT36-365One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received was from my father. He told me that in order to make something a habit, you have to practice it for at least 30 days. At the time time, I was no more than 13, but that gem of knowledge has stayed with me over the years. Now in my 30’s, I understand that there totally is something to the whole thing. The number 30 is magical, transformative, and settling. I’ve grown into myself at this age, and even find myself passing along a bit of wisdom here and there. Today, I am really excited to be past the 30 day mark for Project 365. At day 36, the process is starting to feel more like a daily ritual now. My father is so insightful. Thanks, Dad!

In light of reaching this goal, I want to shake this project up a bit, by giving myself a new challenge. Starting this week, I will be posting at least one photograph per day for Project 365, and I’m not stopping there! Daily posts will now incorporate other goals into the mix, such as my New year goals, still life photography with Chinese herbs and botanicals, as well as more lifestyle photography in general. Lifestyle photography is one of those interesting (to me) subjects because the genre is so saturated. I am often disappointed with the lack of diversity. As a woman of color who blogs, it is a serious point of concern. Yet, it is so important to be visible by joining the conversation, dismantling barriers, and be a positive force. On that note, check out the photo above. It’s my coffee table, with all of my Playbills, and zines. This is one of my favorite home curations at the moment. I had a friend stay last week, and it was definitely a conversation starter. I love creating little artsy and educational vignettes in my home.

Thank you for reading. I look forward to more mornings with you!

In Solidarity,





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