Library Inspired Bathroom Decor

When it comes to decor, creative reuse is my jazz. The more upcycled and recycled items at home, the better in my opinion. One of my favorite reuses of all time is library-inspired cabinetry. Put one in the bathroom, and magic happens. They are classic, well-made, versitle, and totally appeall to all of us bookish folks! I appeciate the smart and cozy styling of this Target storage unit. An open shelf cabinet unit would provide plenty of space for all those healing oils, herbs, and trinkets. Plus a few drawers for towels. Mahogany adds a down-to-earth vibe that is irresistible. Paired with a fly wallpaper, a colorful print, and plants equates to a water-closet that is on point! The simple, and subtle vignette features a lovely cognac colored cabinet. The little detals, and botanical graphic prints is such an inspired combination. What are some of your favorite creatively reused items? In Solidarity, Christian //Image sources// 1. Library Style Storage// Target  2. Open Storage// Vintage Home CA 3. Mahogany Linen Cabinet// Design Sponge  4. Library Cabinets// Elle Decor


2 thoughts on “Library Inspired Bathroom Decor

    1. Yes! Totally agree with you on that. These would work beautifully at keeping items stored, and stashed! Thanks, Melissa! :)


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