Project 365: Days 22-28

Happy Sunday homies! My apologies for the radio silence around here lately. I have a very good friend in town, and we’ve been having loads of fun hanging out and catching up. The first week of school is officially finished. Other than that, we haven’t had too much excitement at home. But I did manage to make some photos. I think you will be able to feel how chill of a week it’s been!? Day 22Day 22/365: I love cloudscapes. I love how the colors in the sky can range from day-to-day. So beautiful! Day 23Day 23/365: A view of the pool at my apartment complex. Repairs have been going on for about two weeks now. I’m kinda excited to see what it will look like after it’s all done. Maybe, it will motivate me to actually go for a swim this summer. Day 24Day 24/365: One thing I love about Texas, all the succulents! If ever I feel down and out, these guys give me a boost of positive vibes. Day 25Day 25/365: Just a few random large rocks. Not sure what will come of these?? Day 26Day 26/365: There are actually two pools, plus a hot tub where I live. No excuse for me not have taken a dip, I know. This is the larger of the two. It clearly needs some TLC. Day 27Day 27/365: More bodacious succulents! Day 28Day 28/365: Friends, I have yet to practice (with any consistency) my 2015 goal of using my camera more often than my iPhone. Yikes! Other than carrying it around 24-7, or participating in projects like this one, do you have any tips for making the transition a smooth, seamless one? Maybe I just need to go for it?

In Solidarity,




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