Archives of Memory 09 – 10 (The Finale!)

ArchivesofMemory092015 is here homies! Yo, are you as excited as I am? I hope you and your loved ones had a fly and safe celebration. Did you hook up the firecrackers? I didn’t get to enjoy those this year, so next New Years, it’s on!

We also made it to the end of the ‘Archives of Memory’ challenge. I learned so much during this experience, and completing this series has inspired me more that I ever anticipated. If you followed along the whole time, or joined along somewhere during its course, I thank you for keeping me motivated to search my photo archives and share my favorite images. Friends, we went through seven years in just a few days! Fist bumps, and daps all around!


Now, let’s get to the heart of the matter, shall we– photos nine and ten. Last year (well, that’s weird to type) I made it a point to bring more color into my photography. The first image above is actually a part of a mini project that I did of Koi fish ponds. During this exploration,I quickly realized how dreamy the element of water is, and that it instantly reminds me the compelling (to me) literary genre, magical realism.

Last, but not least, The delightful and unexpected color blocked teal wall with the cobalt blue accent was another image from this year. When I saw this wall next to a wood shop workshop, I was so excited! I have to say this wall has continued to inspire me with ideas, even into the New Year.

I hope you enjoyed this series. Would you participate in a community-based photo project like this in the future? Please do leave me your feedback and ideas in the comments with a link to your blog or website. Have a rad evening!

In Solidarity,





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