A Few Goals for 2015





Less iPhone, more camera

Ever since I got an iPhone the frequency in which I use my actual camera (digital and film) has decreased over the last few years. Although it is a much better solution for a pedestrian such as myself, the quality of the photo is not the same. This year, I will be more intentional when making images. I plan on taking both cameras out on adventures in lieu of using the phone on my camera. I am excited to see the world again through a bigger, deeper lens!

Solidarity & Style

When it comes to personal style, I am a no fuss kinda chic. I’m not really into makeup, or anything too fancy. A little Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer is typically enough for me. For me, style a deeper process of self expression. I’ve been blessed to grow up around some seriously stylish human beings. Vintage and local thrift stores are my preferred style playgrounds, for their unique and thoughtful curations that carry many of the of the fashion trends from my grandmother, mother, and father’s era– circa 1940 -1970.

That’s just one aspect of my style. I am also an avid fan of t-shirts that support organizations working toward human rights and environmental justice. In 2015, beyond just talking about style, I want to make a habit of sharing my style, and connecting you with the organizations and businesses, that I admire– I’m excited to share these style stories with you in the coming year!

Timing is everything

Time management has never really been my strongest skill. I want to change that. Grad school has definitely pushed me to get better at scheduling my time. I think there is another level of managing time that a simple schedule does not convey. Having a plan and vision for how the day will flow is key. Being flexible enough to change things up is also important. Two things that help me accomplish more in a day is to practice yoga, and meditation first thing in the morning. I can only image the long-term benefits this practice will yield.

The wand chooses the wizard

I love Harry Potter. And Hogwarts. Yo, there are just so many awesome life lessons to gleam from this story. One of my favorites is the idea that often in life, what we are passionate about is a direct reflection of who we are. A passion is a tool, and has the power to transform. There are many options out there, and so many different wands to choose from. But it’s comforting to know that when we feel unsure about something, we need only turn to our passions to find, and make a bit of magic. Oh, and #HarryPotterForever!

Every breath counts

“I Can’t Breathe” has grown into a national call to action in the wake of the murder of NYC resident Eric Gardner. Those were Mr. Gardner’s last words as he was put in a choke hold by the NYPD. His life was taken away from him. His very breath, his last breath, forced out. Those of us who are still on this earth can express solidarity with Gardner, as well as the many black and brown people who have lost their lives in 2014, and their families. Taking a conscious breath might not seem like a major contribution toward combating massive violence. But as they say, every little bit counts.

May 2015 bring you and you loved ones an abundance of blessings! Happy New Year homies!

In Solidarity,



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