Archives of Memory 06 – 08

ArchivesofMemory06We made it to the half way point in the Archives of Memory series! I am so glad I decided to start this project. It has been a been a pleasure sharing some of my favorite memories with you. Plus it’s been a helpful meditation on consistency as I move into a new time in my life. So, onward we go!

The photo above was made on a walk after class one day. This ear of corn reminded me so much of the Midwest. Although the weather is Texas is usually warmer than Ohio, I miss my home so much! I look forward to visiting again this coming May to see my cousin graduate.

ArchivesofMemory07The Johnson’s Space Center in Houston is one of the coolest places I have ever been. My partner and I spent one afternoon there, and we both just walked around and geeked out on all the information. It was one of my favorite local trips in Texas thus far.

ArchivesofMemory08 Here is a rare one of me. I kept jumping off the ledge trying to get a good jump shot, Most of them came out blurry, and I just ended up with sore glute muscles (Ha!). It was well worth it though. Fun times!

My friends, can you believe it is the day before New Years eve, I’m packing boxes, prepping for the winter quarter, and generally getting ready for what 2015 has in store. I’m getting excited! How about you?

In Solidarity,





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