Archives of Memory 03 – 05

ArchivesofMemory03Hey homies! I got a little behind on this series (whoops!). Today I’m sharing a set of 3 images to make up the days. It’s been a busy week, but I have been looking through my photo archives collecting a few gems to share! The image above was created with a Holga. I made this for a special techniques project in college. I love my plastic lens cameras! I used to have one, but after years of moving between Ohio, Japan, and Chicago, it was lost in the shuffle. I gotta fix that! ArchivesofMemory04This one was made on a trip to San Antonio earlier this year. My partner and I had so much fun, seriously! San Antonio is a vibrant and artsy town. In fact, one of my favorite writers, Sandra Cisneros lived there for a number of years. Have you read her work? Oh, you totally should! ArchivesofMemory05Making good photos of food is hard. There are many elements at play, with just as may options, depending on the goals and end placement of the photo. My favorite food photography is the documentary type. Don’t get me wrong, still life is just as wonderful. But yo, there is just something about the action involved in documentary style that speaks to me. Documentary photography is my jazz! What’s your favorite, or most used photography style?

In Solidarity,




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