Project 365: Days 1-7

Photo -11/365: I found these little orange mushroom homies hanging out near campus. Their color is so brilliant!  Photo-22/365: Made this photo of my extra cupping set that I am trying to sell on Craigslist. Never been used, and in excellent condition! Do you like cupping? Let me know if you would be interested in owning a set!
Photo-33/365: It looked like someone had spilled a bunch of silver paint. Against the concrete, the paint created a strong contrast, resembling ocean waves during a storm.
Photo-44/365: Came across this awesome painted wall on the side of a building that used to be a community market.
Photo-55/365: Y’all know how much I love my palms! Good thing Texas has plenty of them ;)
Photo-66/365: All the grocery stores in Texas sell small Rosemary bushes in the shape of Christmas trees. When I spotted these lovely pink blooms next to the Rosemary, it was feeling the color and olfactory combo!
Photo-77/365: I love this branch found in the parking lot on campus. I looks just like one of my favorite trees, the Ficus Microcarpa, or the Chinese Banyan tree.

How was your week? It was a very radical one for me, to be honest. Finishing up the fall quarter, getting ready for the holidays, and receiving some super stellar news reminded me how interconnected life is, most def! Tonight is the Winter Solstice, so make sure to cozy up, and take good care of yourselves! Sending you wishes for fly week, comrades!

In Solidarity,




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