Between Art and Activism

MAORI_waterfalls_newBethanyYellowtailNeeNee by SwoonHey homies! So, finals are over (yay!) and I’m so thankful to have ended this quarter strong! For the next two weeks I get to geek out on everything that I love, but don’t get as much time with while I’m in study mode. It’s been weeks… maybe months (yikes!) since I’ve listened to my favorite radio station, Alt.Latio on NPR. Well all of that is about to change starting now, dear hearts.

Let’s talk about photography first. There are some seriously talented souls out there using their camera skills for philanthropic purposes. The top photograph above is one by Jimmy Nelson, the creative behind the amazing project, Before They Pass Away, a journey into the life and culture of thirty-one tribes from thirteen different countries around the globe. I could gush over this project so much more, but instead, I urge you to go check it out for yourself. Trust me, you will be moved.

Next up? Style. More importantly, Indigenous fashion. On December 16, Bethany Yellowtail ( Apsáalooke and Northern Cheyenne) launched a new site, B.Yellowtail, dedicated to her designs. Lucky for us, these designs are available for purchase directly through her site. I am so loving everything in her shop, especially that midi skirt and crop top in the second photo above. Sad news though, it’s already sold out! Get there fast to check out all her other beautiful clothing.

Then there is the Swoon factor. Have you heard of this artist? Okay, well take a look at the third image of the brilliant drawing above, then come back here so we can rap. I know, right!? The detail in her work is so raw, and compelling. On top of having some serious drawing, painting, and performance chops, Swoon infuses activism into every inch of her work. The Brooklyn based artist has worked on some ill collaborations including a housing project in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

Credits: 1. Before They Pass Away // Jimmy Nelson | 2. B.Yellowtail // Bethany Yellowtail | Swoon In Print // Swoon

Here is a little bit more fierceness for your Friday….

  1. This awesome new maternity clothing line, Butch Baby Co., designed by, and for masculine identified individuals.

  2. The film Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau is one of those films that kinda changes your life. It is on Netflix, and you have the whole weekend ;)

3, Always on time, and on point, Chani Nicholas brings us all the dish direct from our cosmological ancestors for the Winter Solstice and New Moon in Capricorn.

  1. I read this article, Better Homes & Bloggers, a while back, and refer to it often. It provides insight into the world of blogging that is rarely talked about: how race, heterosexism, and privilege affects the blogsphere.
  2. Just a little black and white environmental themed pillow available on my Society6 shop.

Thanks for geeking out with me! It was rad, and we should do it more often. Blessed weekend, comrade!

In Solidarity,



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