Dreaming of a Green Office (Part I)

Green work spaceRecently, I’ve been having these super rad visions about what my future office might look like. Even though I still have plenty of time (about 3 1/2 years total!) left in medical school, it’s been really fun to let my creative mind fill with thoughts of Eco-friendly, and ethically sourced decor. I’m diggin’ the above dreamy green office space. And the window letting all that gorgeous light in behind the desk warms my heart!  Eventually, I want to build my own practice, and I would love the office to look just like this one.  A world with more live plants in our health care facilities would mean better patient outcomes, if ya ask me. What do you think? Modernica case study ceramicI found out about Modernica, an LA Based factory from a fellow earth-loving creative, and all around fierce force of nature, Justina Blakeney. Their Case Study Ceramic Bullet vessels come in various sizes, and are seriously fierce! Vintage apothecary cabinentsI thought I was an avid plant person before moving to Texas, but all these amazing palms, paired with studying Chinese herbology, has definitely encouraged my love of all things botanicals. When I envision my dream practice, a few sets of vintage apothecary cabinets, library card catalogues, and botanical wall prints are a must!Green house officeGrowing up in the Midwest, I am no stranger to farms, and gardens. In fact, not many people know this, but Ohio is so beautiful and lush in the spring. This green house office gives me all kinds good vibes and ideas for when the time comes for me to own a home, and a practice. Hmm… maybe a home-practice?

In Solidarity,



  1. A dreamy green workspace // Johanna Vintage.
  2. Case Study Ceramic Bullet // Mondernica.
  3. Vintage apothecary cabinets // Lizmare Blog
  4. Green house as office // Eclectic Trends

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