365 Days of Photography

PalmSometime in November, I made a commitment to share more photography here on the blog. I have a tendency to make photos and (mostly) only post to Instagram, and rarely uploading them on my blog, but that’s about to change! I figured since it’s my partners’ birthday week it’s the perfect time for me to get started. I made this photo on my walk home from campus. We’ve had some super Yin-type days for about two weeks now. The wind was blowing against a backdrop of grey clouds, and I noticed this palm. It seemed to be going with the flow, letting the wind play in its long leaves. I am really thankful for this moment. It reminded me how its is important to be myself, and to celebrate uniqueness in others.

Thanks for letting me share! I will be posting sets of photos every week, one for each day, so stop by again soon for a visit! I’m excited to share more photos and stories with you as the weeks and months go by. Are you taking part in a 365 Project? Hook me up with a link so I can check you out!

In solidarity,





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