A Brand New (Old) Blog

StudyBreakVol1 Taking a big ‘ol breath over here. Definitely exhaling slowly. I hope you are well and thriving. Many a sun and moon have passed since my last post. In that time away, I refocused and established better study habits. In the process I experienced a little boost in confidence, accompanied by renewed creativity. Totally unexpected, but warmly welcomed! I never could have anticipated how medical school might change my life. I am inspired and challenged on a daily basis. Plus I get to hang out, and learn from a stellar group of human beings. StudyBreakVol1In order to realize all of this, I had to shake some things off, and definitely went through a ritual of letting go, which included reading old posts in order to keep the ones that most holistically represent me, my style, and my vision. It was not easy, but it was beneficial. What you see now in the archives is a representation of my favorite posts. And I want to add more to that list. To create more. To reconnect. To re-imagine. StudyBreakVol1Great learning comes organically when we can just be, and love ourselves. It’s a struggle, though. And I’m trying, honestly, to sustain the confidence I’ve gained. I found what keeps me going is art. My greatest reward after a long day of studying is to get creative. I believe creativity evokes a vibration of love, which can be passed on infinitely, and will manifest ten-fold. So, let’s all get creative! Thank you for allowing me to share. I would love to know how you use creativity to de-stress, and express. Leave a comment with a link. Can’t wait! In Solidarity, Christian


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