Half Price Books

Half Price BooksHalf Price BooksLast Saturday, I took at trip to Columbus, Ohio to visit my aunt Evelyn.  On the way to see her, we stopped by Half Price Books, an independent book, magazine, and record shop, with a variety of titles, and genres for all types of readers.  Not only will HPB buy back your books for a percentage, but any inventory they don’t sell is donated to local non-profit organizations.  This is my kind of place! I absolutely love going to local book stores, specially used booksellers, like HPB.  Each one is unique, and holds its own aesthetic appeal. I have a handful of favorite book stores in Chicago, and Ohio.  HPB will definitely be added to the list!  Now… I wonder what Austin will have to offer?Half Price BooksWhenever I am shopping for books, I always gravitate towards the photography, poetry, and graphic/comic book sections.  I love looking at photography, and learning about photographers.  I also love illustration work.  Add this to a rad story with a badass female characters, and I’m all about it!Half Price BooksI hope you enjoyed checking out the pics from our fun little day trip, too!  xo Aho, Christian


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