Fresh Photos

Fresh PhotosPeace and Power Cipher stars!  Can you believe it is almost the third week of May?!  This month has been full of magic, struggle, transformation, and movement for me personally.  THC has been a steady anchor all the way through.  I am so thankful to you all for holding down space!  I have a few photos I would like to share with you, to visually rep exactly what has been going on in my ‘hood!

Fresh PhotosAs you know, I have been taking a grip of photographs, using a variety of tools including fun apps on my Android, my Canon digital, and Nikon 35mm.  The subject material has varied, as I am finding so much to be inspired about these days.  I have been drawing, and designing, and making photos everyday since March, when I turned 30!  I feel like I am finally able to fully express myself as an artist!

This month, we moved the majority of our belongings to my parent’s home in Ohio.  Our trailer is pretty big, so we were also able to help out my cousin Jason, who is moving back home to be closer to family.  When Jason told me he was moving back home, I was so stoked!  We are kindred souls, he and I.  We have been budding artists buddies since we were young, and I am so thankful for him.  He inspires me so much.  Look out for some fun summer collaborations from us on THC in the coming months!

Fresh PhotosDriving down the interstate between Chicago and Ohio, I can always feel when we get closer to Lima.  It is a magnetic pull that lets my whole being know I am finally, home.  I love taking pictures of just about everything, but there is sometime special that happens when I make pictures of the Ohio landscape.  It is just, beautiful, to me!  I am a woman raised close to the land, with all its wildness, and abandon.  Coming home means more than just going back, it is about internal, spiritual growth, too.  Coming home is about embracing my wild imagination with sincere guts, and grit, and guile!  I hope you are all finding and embracing the raw beauty within, too!  xo Aho, Christian



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