Pilsen Vintage and Thrift

Pilsen Vintage and Thrift

I’m pretty blessed to live in the heart of a neighborhood that boasts some of the best Thrift and Vintage stores in Chicago.  Today I visited Pilsen Vintage & Thrift located on 1430 West 18th Street.  This happens to be one of my favorite vintage stores of all time.  Check out some of the photos I made at the shop today!

Pilsen Vintage and Thrift

Pilsen Vintage and ThriftI totally love the ear art they have displayed at Pilsen Vintage.  Not only do they have some rad and retro vintage jewelry, but they also feature artists around they city!  On deck this month, artists Brett Manning of Brettisagirl, and Laura Arellano of Blue Betties.  Make sure to stop by their sites to view their art!

Pilsen Vintage and ThriftI have secretly always wanted to work at a vintage and thrift store.  I think it would a great education on how to price, style, and design looks for sale in the store.  I really appreciate how each shop creates its own unique aesthetic!

Pilsen Vintage and Thrift

I found this gem up on a shelf looking around the shop today.  How perfect!  The first time I visited Austin my cousin took me to a shop on the south side of the city.  I am so excited to explore more vintage and thrift options that Austin has to offer!

Thanks for taking a stroll with me on this adventure.  Do you have any favorite vintage and thrift shops in your city?  Leave a link in the comments, and tell me all about ’em!  xo Aho, Christian



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