9 Creative Kitchens

The kitchen has always been a sacred place to me. Some of my most favorite memories involve sitting around the table with family, eating food, and having fun. It’s played such a central role in my life, and the lives of the women I admire the most. Here are a few creative kitchens that I am loving at the moment. Continue reading “9 Creative Kitchens”

New Orleans, Louisiana

Last month I shared a post with the top six places my partner and I want to visit before leaving Texas. New Orleans was number one on our list, and I’m happy to say we finally made the trip happen! It was an amazing 4-day adventure filled with delicious food, awesome music, great company, and many lessons along the way.  Continue reading “New Orleans, Louisiana”

Fried Egg and Kale Breakfast Salad

When it comes to breakfast, I like to work in as much nutrition as possible. I’m all about getting a healthy dose of protein, fat, fiber, and carbs early in the morning. I feel that it sets a positive and nourishing tone of the rest of my day. Recently, I’ve been really into breakfast salads, and today I’d like to share my current go-to recipe. Continue reading “Fried Egg and Kale Breakfast Salad”

Mixtape 17: NOLA 2016

It’s been over 10 years since I first visited New Orleans (NOLA). I was an intern at the Highlander Center at the time, and had the opportunity to join an amazing caravan of southerners on the road to the Critical Resistance-South conference (I still have my t-shirt from the conference!). It was a fast, but fiercely valuable experience. To learn from the most brilliant prison-abolitionists from across the region was pivotal for me. Continue reading “Mixtape 17: NOLA 2016”